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Our Story

Our Story

Discover the Story of Rhapsody in Gold

Designed with meaning

Unable to find jewellery with her child’s Chinese name that was contemporary whilst showing emotion and expression, Lillian Pau founded Rhapsody in Gold with a goal to elevate Chinese Character Jewellery on the market. Like English names, a parent giving their child a Chinese Name is like an art, defining a person’s life.  This is the same practice given when we design our jewellery.  Specific characters and phrases are chosen due to its meaning, auspicious elements and embodies a physical representation of stories and poems that are then translated into modern Chinese Jewellery.

A Modern Approach

Our aesthetics differentiate us from the traditional Chinese gold jewellery around the world.  We pride ourselves in the ability to modernize a traditionally old-fashioned design to a more refined and modern look.

The design of each character in our pieces are “drawn” rather than written.  Each stroke, the point of connection, the thickness or curve of the edges were all carefully designed to make the entire character, or a few characters combined to look and feel good.  Much like rhapsody in music, the characters do not follow a formal structure like Chinese Calligraphy but rather it is appreciated more for its expressive and emotive style.  Inviting people to explore and infuse their own meaning into each piece.

Poems Stitched Together in Gold

We use 18k gold for its buttery beauty, value, and durability. Traditionally in China, gold has always been gifted or passed down to their children to mark significant moments as giving gold is a representation of the preciousness and value a child holds in a family.   This tradition still runs in families to this day though the younger generations don’t wear the gold gifts anymore due to its outdated look.  As we believe in keeping traditions as much as we can, Rhapsody in Gold offers a balance between tradition and modernity.

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Our Founder

A graduate from Central Saint Martins, Lillian Pau had the fortune of apprenticing with Lara Bohinc and Solange Azagury-Partridge in London.   She was then recruited as a Buyer for Asia’s leading specialty store, Lane Crawford, to introduce avante-garde brands that push the boundaries of Fine Jewellery.

With her wealth of knowledge in Jewellery from design and benchwork to production and buying, she was inspired to make a difference.


At Rhapsody in Gold, we believe in making things with care and things that last whilst putting our people and our planet first.